Black-owned Art Gallery a Symbol of Representation

Willie Williams Jr. poses, stands outside art gallery; Williams’ intern showcases piece. Tuesday, Aug. 1, in Birmingham (NABJ Monitor/Eleazar Yisrael)

BY Eleazar Yisrael

NABJ Monitor

Born and raised in Birmingham, Willie Williams Jr. represents the resilience Black art and Black people have endured in the South. 

“In the art world, for the most part, black artists have been the most underrepresented,” Williams said. “But also when it comes to ownership, not just of art collections, but of art spaces, that’s been a rarity, given our history in the art world in general.”

Studio 2500, Williams’ gallery, is at 26th Ave in Birmingham. 

Williams, 27, claims to be Alabama’s first and only Black art gallery owner. Bill Dooley, Associate Professor of Art at the University of Alabama and director of Sarah Moody Gallery of Art said Williams’ gallery is the only black-owned art gallery of record in the state. 

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