Anderson: NABJ needs to work for more people

By Lentheus Chaney

NABJ Monitor

Elections are under way to decide who will lead NABJ for the next two years.

Presidential candidate Tre’vell Anderson said they are running to better serve more NABJ members.

“They’re freelancers, they’re independent journalists, they’re queer people, they’re trans people, they are younger people,” Anderson said. “I really felt like who better than me to try to bring some of that change to the organization [that] I’ve seen up close.”

Anderson, the first trans person to run for the seat, joined as a NABJ member nine years ago and is now a lifetime member. They have served as the Region IV Director (West Coast) for three years and chaired the LGBTQ+ Task Force since 2017.

Anderson wants to increase NABJ resources to make them more available to freelance journalists. 

“I thought to myself, ‘What would it look like if I was president, right, to be able to prioritize those types of folks in our membership while still maintaining all of the work that we do for everyone else who we work so well for as an organization,’” Anderson said. “Especially now with so many layoffs happening, more and more members are going to be forced to be independent journalists.”

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